Marketing Begins

Up until now, we’ve gotten our properties from the MLS or wholesalers.  We’d like to start buying directly from homeowners, though, so we’ve recently started marketing.  It’s a small step, but it’s something.  We just mailed out our first batch of letters.  These were sent to owners of houses that seemed like they might be vacant or in need of repair.  And we also put out some signs to try to attract attention from owners needing to sell.

So far we have received only a couple of responses that have not yielded anything productive, but I realize we’ve really just dipped our toes in the water.  We plan to ramp up our marketing more throughout the year.  We feel like we need at least one more avenue of marketing, and we’re trying to decide which path to take next.  We’re thinking of pursuing one or more of the following:

• Mail to absentee owners
• Probate – Mail to inheritors
• Mail to owners of expired listings
• Mail to owners of homes with code violations
• Post “We buy houses” style craigslist ads (Post where? The “real estate services” section?)

If you are an investor, have you tried any of these techniques? Which have worked well for you?

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2 Responses to Marketing Begins

  1. You should get some good results targeting homeowners. It might seem like a little more work at first, but you will soon forget all about it when you land a couple home runs that you would be hard pressed to find on the MLS or especially from wholesalers.

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