BiggerPockets REI Summit

BiggerPockets is hosting a Real Estate Investment convention next year! If you are a real estate investor and don’t know about BiggerPockets, you should! It is a great site for investors and has all kinds of excellent information about every area of real estate investing. The forums there are terrific, because investors of all levels contribute valuable information daily. They also have articles, blogs, and even a file section where you can download sample documents for free.

I am expecting the BiggerPockets REI Summit 2012 to be a great place to learn and meet fellow investors from all over the country.  If you want to know what’s going on in real estate throughout the nation and network with other successful real estate investors, this Summit is going to be worth the trip.  Plus, it will be in Colorado in late March, a perfect time for hitting the slopes for skiing, doing some hiking, or just enjoying the mountains (or even the city).  I’m there!

If you want to go to, or just see what’s going on, head out to the page on BiggerPockets here or just go directly to the official site for the Summit here.  Happy Investing!

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4 Responses to BiggerPockets REI Summit

  1. Mike –
    Thank you for the support and for letting people know about the event! We’ll look forward to having you.


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  3. Ken Atodahl says:

    Is there an event this year? When?

    • Mike says:

      Hi, Ken.

      Thanks for visiting. The owner of BiggerPockets, Josh Dorkin, is still working out details. He is expecting to have an update in the next month or so. To keep up to date on it, head on over to and set up an account if you have not done so already. It’s free. And you can set terms to watch for, such as “summit”.

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